Monday, 16 February 2009

Musselburgh Audax Report

Foz sent in a report about the Musselburgh Audax last Sunday 15th.
Tobias and I made it round in decent enough style. It was supposed to be 66 miles but with a change of route and a few 'variations' of our own we counted 72.
The turnout was strong - well over 100 - and the main change of route involved abandoning the climb up Redstane Rig which was apparently closed until Sunday morning - certainly there was plenty of snow left up on the Moorfoots. So the organisers added a 'prologue' loop out along the coast to Lochniddry and back along a busier road. Various peletons (we were set off in graded groups of about 10) spun past in tight formation. It all got much more enjoyable in the countryside with quiet roads, thinning groups, a following wind and hints of spring. A long break was taken in Dunbar to steel ourselves for 29 miles back into the westerly wind and by Haddington the gloom was starting to settle. The final 13 miles back from Haddington didn't add much to the experience but we teamed up well - Tobias battling the wind at the front and me volunteering to be luminously visible at the rear!
We met Peter at the sign-in and Tobias said he saw Andy and Mandy around too. Hope they enjoyed it. It was a good ride and further than I rode in the whole of 2008. I'd like to get back to Redstane Rig some fact I wonder it might be a good option for the overnighter in June?

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Anth said...

I have to admit I was quite relieved when the run up the Rigg was cancelled in favour of a flatter detour. Mind you, plenty hills elsewhere... That was my first long ride since the Bealach last year - just goes to show how a daily 10 mile round trip commute can keep your fitness up, but I need more rides like that if I don't want to be fourth last on the Bealach again THIS year!

p.s. just waiting to activate my forum account from my home email and can then introduce myself!