Monday, 27 July 2009

TDF Sweep winner

Sweep winner
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Stage 20 - Results

Anth sends in the final report for the TDF sweep:

Well, barring a lightning strike, plague of killer bees, or doping scandal, Malcolm Wake will be rolling into Paris today with the yellow jersey firmly on his shoulders. Craig Sinclair pushed all the way up Ventoux (as in attacked a lot, not got off and pushed the bike, though that would have been amusing to see), but in the end the Spaniard Wake proved too strong for everyone else in the field.

I think it's again worth mentioning Bradley Wiggins matching the best ever result for a Brit in the race, who knows what future Tours may bring, after all, Lance didn't win his first few.

All that remains to see is if Little Mr Arrogance Mark Cavendish can get a striking 7th stage win of this year's Tour, and see if Thor Hushovd manages to come absolutely nowhere in the sprint (though he seems such a nice bloke I'm not sure anyone can genuinely begrudge him the green jersey).

Thanks to everyone who has followed this, and apologies for it not being every day as planned - lurgy has a habit of striking at the most awkward of times. I'm not sure the prize will be available at the Social later today (I need to see from Foz just how much people have handed him in my illness-ridden absence), but I'll get on with sorting all of that out asap.

Ta ra!


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