Monday, 20 July 2009

Saturday ride report

Andy Hemingway sends in this report about the Saturday run:

Following a deluge on the Friday, it was a cool and showery on Saturday.
A good turnout of Steve, Jim, Kevin, Graham, Andy, Jamie (newbie) plus AN Other from Falkirk who’s name unfortunately I can’t remember.
We thought long and hard about where to go and someone had this crazy idea of Slamannan.
For added interest we started off with hills - Cairnpapple, down to Bathgate and uphill via Bridgecastle, Gowanbank to Avonbridge. Then on autopilot via Slamannan, Longriggend and back to up the hill to Beecraigs.
Graham showed the old guys what sprinting’s all about in a race for the 30mph sign at Avonbridge (despite having cycled from Caldercruix to KWM earlier)

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