Wednesday, 8 July 2009

New Sea-to-sky record!

Craig on Kingskavil

Craig smashed Bill's Sea-to-sky challenge record by 45 seconds last night! Read his report:

Finally managed to do the sea to sky challange today (07/07/09) with a lung busting 1 hour 08 mins and 49 seconds!!!!

Slightly windy conditions with it coming from the north so had some help going up the hills.

I didn't get off to the best of starts as I ended up having to do a restart. When I approached the very first corner in Blackness I was confronted by the 43 First bus. There was no way I was getting past that beast so back to the start I went.

Got underway again with it taking me 13 mins to get to the park bistro before slightly easing off to catch my breath abit for Kingscavil. It was the usual hard slog up the hill and opted for not busting myself on it so that I had something left once I got to the top.

By the time I started the hill up to Beecraigs Restaurant my climbing legs hadn't quite kicked in but gradually got into a slowish but steady rythmn. I took myself by surprise to find that I reached the KWM in 20 mins from the park bistro and then a further 7 mins to get to the Knock. Again I opted not to bust myself going up the last part of the climb so it took me 40 mins in total from Blackness to the Knock. About 3 mins quicker than what I thought it would.

Started the descent and worked hard trying to keep a good speed but struggled with the small uphill bumps/slopes at times. Got to the top of Kingscavil only to find Mike coming the other way who was confronted with me panting, sweating and slavering at the mouth and shouting to him "I'm doing the sea to sky, get you in Blackness". Whether he heard me or not I have no idea. My apologies Mike for it but hopefully you understand why I didn't stop for a chat.

It was head down the rest of the way and my legs were really burning by this point. Still managed to do a small sprint at the end for the 1:08:49.

If you want to have a crack at the record take a look at the route

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Foz72 said...

I should have a go sometime but the thought of doing Kingscavil, then Beecraigs, then the Knock against the clock....ouch.