Friday, 3 July 2009

National Clarion Races

Clarion trophy 2

Below is a list of National Clarion events coming up for the racers amongst you. You'll need to enter the 50 mile Champs by this weekend if you want a ride.
Details of the TTs are in the CTT handbook, the track and cyclo-cross events are enter on the line.
Details about the 50 mile champs are here

18th July 50 mile champs - MDTTA event in Cheshire
25th July 10 mile TT champs - Fenland section near Peterborough
26th July 25 mile TT (NOT champs as stated) but near Peterborough
16th Aug 25 mile TT champs - Nottingham section
22nd Aug Track Champs at Manchester 3pm to 6pm (1pm to 3pm coaching/taster session)
26th Sept Cyclo Cross Champs - Heanor

Don't forget that anyone competing in these events gets points in the Clarion points Champs and the leader will become the National Clarion Champion. A true best all-rounder as it takes into account several disciplines not just time trials.

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