Saturday, 11 July 2009

TT Report: Week 10


Graham sends in his TT report:
Back to fresher, bright conditions this week but the road diggers were back too, along with their traffic lights.
We fell back on the contingency plan of a sprint TT. I made it 2.4 miles. If you fancy trying it it was the usual start but the finish was at the big telegraph pole on the right just before the Jet garage. So uphill and a good test of strength - most riders actually looked more wasted at the end than after the usual 10.

Good performances all round again - with Ross pushing Matt quite close, whilst Neil impressed again on his second outing and Tobias did quite well for a self-confessed tourer....

1 M Ball 5.41
2 R Dewar 5.51
3 N Fraser 6.02
4 T Bauer 6.07
5 A McCrimmon 6.13
6 C Marshall 6.14
7 A Weaving 6.27
8 J Dominguez 6.39
9 S Fraser 6.45
10 D Middleton 6.47

Thanks to everyone for their flexibility on the night, especially Allan and David. With a separate starting and finishing point we needed a few extra gophers, assistants etc so I had the pleasure of Jim's company at the garage. I'm going to make up a new rule - 3rd and all subsequent volunteers get 15 points each. Normally we should only ever need two volunteers to give up their time but needs must....

Which leads on to plans for next week as we just don't know what's going to happen. The sprint TT went down okay as a stop-gap and some felt it was good to mix it up, but we probably don't want to do it every week. But sorting out a new 10 takes quite a lot of work to measure it and risk-assess it for its safety, which must come first. Any thoughts very welcome online here or Roadworks could all be over next week though, fingers crossed. If anyone's in the area, report back! Thanks.

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