Friday, 24 July 2009

Week 12 TT report

Graham send in this week's report:

I think we can all agree that it's been a frustrating period of weather. My own hopes ran high after a dry day in Polmont, until I headed east only to see one solitary great big cumulonimbus hanging right over Bridgend like an alien mothership. So the second wet week in a row, though the wind definitely dropped in the evening.

Despite that, there were 8 riding, though they were seriously outnumbered by those who had turned up to time them, cheer them, hand out new club kit to them or just say hi. It made for a pretty good night in the end.

For the first time ever, someone missed their start slot. And then someone else did it. One quarter of the field . I won't name names - you can probably guess from some of the times and they will probably still have a big riddy if you see them at the club social on Sunday. Well done to Andy B as timekeeper for getting it spot on under the club rules - if you miss your slot the clock is still running.

Times. First of all well done to Mark Ewing for smashing his PB and being only the third club rider under 25 minutes. Bear in mind the conditions, the complete lack of aero equipment and his attempts to take off a flapping gilet in flight and there could be much more to come from Mark! Ross also broke his PB but came in third, leaving him tied with Matt on 176 points in the league. John McC isn't far behind on 160, then there's a big drop to a few on around 100 points. Big thanks to Andy B & Allan McC for doing the honours and Grant for dropping off the club kit - appreciated as ever!

1 M Ball 24.27
2 M Ewing 24.55
3 R Dewar 25.39
4 J McComisky 27.44
5 J Dominguez 29.03
6 D Campbell 29.38
7 D Middleton 29.50
8 S Fraser 30.55

On a more serious note. Someone pulled out of the Bridgend junction into the path of riders again just before the finish. We put a sign up that road but the message may not get through some thicker skulls, so please be aware of that risk when going for the finish line. And someone threw a glass bottle from a passing car at the pre-race gathering in the layby. Yes, really. Police were called but no show. Thankfully no-one was hurt. Both these incidents may add to the case for rethinking our choice of course in the close season but in the meantime look out and take care every week.

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Anonymous said...

I have donated a high vis jacket which I have put in the TT bag as it proved invaluable on thursday last due to the weather,dont know if it will protect against flying bottles but it should add a bit of padding.
andy b