Monday, 20 July 2009

Sea to Sky record smashed again!

For the second time in two weeks our club place to place record has been broken. On a stormy night last Wednesday Steve McCaw set off from Blackness to the Knock and back, smashing Craig's record by 2 minutes. Steve posted a time of 1.06.45 and said "It was a bit moist out there today and I think there is more time to come off in the dry, though the rain kept me nice and cool!"

Well done Steve!

Fastest times so far:

Steve McCaw 1.06.45
Craig Marshall 1.08.49
Bill Young 1.09.34
Mike Ewart 1.10.23
Why not give it a go and test yourself on this route which provides "A near perfect blend of time trialling skills, hill climbing ability, and fearless descending"

Route can be found on bikely

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