Tuesday, 21 July 2009

West Lothian lead Clarion Points Championship

After two events West Lothian Clarion are top of the points championship for both individual and team leagues.
Points are awarded for each event with 50 points awarded to the winner.

There are still four events to go, and its a long way for West Lothian riders to travel but entering the events will give the club a good chance of winning the team prize.

See the National Clarion events link

Points Competition scores as of 18 July 2009
1 Matthew Ball W Lothian 100
2. Andy Horner Bury 80
3.Duncan McLaren Stockport 40
4. Ian Clarke Fenland 40
3. Andy Fisher M/c Stretford 30
5. Geoff Downs Bury 16
6. Jez Hastings W. Lothian 15
7. Stephen Tinker Bury 14
8. Ian McNally Cambridge 13
9. Chris Goode M/c Stretford 12
10. Martin Perfect London 11
11. Allen Armstrong Sunderland 10
12. Michael Hastings W. Lothian 9
13. Morwena Hastings W. Lothian 8
14. Terence Lynch M/c Stretford 7
15. Megan Hastings W. Lothian 6
16. Alex Ball W. Lothian 5

Top teams
1. West Lothian 124
2. Bury 110
3. Manchester & Stretford 42

With four championship events yet to go in the points competition it is hoped that there will be some keen competition for the medals – top three, first vet, first lady and first junior.

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