Monday, 3 August 2009

Saturday Run

14 riders came along on the Saturday run at the weekend and tested their legs on one of the President's magical mystery tours which culminated in a self timed ride up the club hill climb course so that we could test out the route.

Bill continues the report: "The run before the hill climb was excellent with Sparky winning sprints galore and I managed to win a wee uphill one to! The route was a new one today taking in lots of climbs here there and everywhere and the group managed to remain intact most of the way.
At Kingscavil I measured the distance between the two points of the hill climb and it is exactly 900m. The starting point is the hump back bridge sign, right hand side, on the south side of the bridge. The finishing point is the stone wall on the left hand side about 75 meters from the T junction at the top.
Well done to everyone who took part, Stevie put in a 2 mins 54 secs which was a decent starter"

The times so far are (more to follow when riders post their times

Steve 2.54
Allan 3.23
Angus 3.25
Alan 3.43
Jamie 3.44
Craig 3.48
Donald 4.13

The proper club hill climb Champs will take place on Sunday 6th September at 9.00am
Entry fee is £2
Location: Kingskavil

The first even on the day will be the race up Kingskavil followed by a competition to see who can freewheel the furthest down the hill opposite.

Please can you volunteer to marshalling at the club event - you'll still be able to ride if we rotate people. Go to the forum to sign up

Our open even will take place on Sunday October 11th

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