Monday, 3 August 2009

URGENT: Timekeeper wanted for Thursday's TT

We don't have a timekeeper for Thursday's club 10. For the event to go ahead we need someone to volunteer.

Timekeeping isn't difficult and there will be people present to advise, so if you've not volunteered yet but have participated in the event now is your chance to help keep the series running.

Please go to the forum thread for the August 6th Event and put your name down.

Week 13 - July 30th 2009 Report
Foz send in his report for last week's 10: Week 13 really belonged to one of the stalwarts of this summer's series. McComisky seemed to be on a mission even at the warm up and he duly took his first 'stage win', knocking a whole 27 seconds off his previous best to set his first 26 on this course. He's also jumped 3 places in the PB leaderboard, lying a whole second ahead of Tobias 'von' Bauer. A great effort, especially given the difficulty of pacing in the windy conditions.

Big thanks to Ross and Andy H for doing the marshalling, always very much approeciated. Can I remind folks that, at the moment, we have no volunteer to timekeep next week.

1 J McComisky 26.55
2 C Sinclair 27.16
3 N Fraser 27.55
4 A McCrimmon 28.07
5 D Campbell 28.59
6 G Foster 29.08
7 N Heyes 29.15
8 S Fraser 30.03
9 D Schofield 30.24
10 A Brown 30.57

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