Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Wanted: new club 10 TT coordinator

Graham has been a fantastic coordinator for our first 10 TT series this year, a role he also combined with club treasurer. With the arrival of Alexander he's going to have his hands full in 2010 so we are looking for a new 10TT coordinator.

Graham has done most of the hard work by setting up a template for how it should be run. He also took on the role without having ever ridden a TT or organised a race before. Thanks to Foz, the TT series has been one of the highlights of the year, with over 40 riders taking part, many racing for the first time. Thanks Foz!

So we are looking for a new TT coordinator.

Graham says "Each week of the series I have:
1.Set up a forum thread announcing arrangements & asking for volunteers
2. Put out reminders when we've had no volunteer & then issued guidance to the volunteers
3. Recorded the time and league points in a spreadsheet (all set up!) and
4. Made sure money collected is recorded

There might also be a bit of fire-fighting when things go a bit awry like the road works in July. But overall I found it wasn't too onerous once you get into a routine with it and the willingness of club members to muck in was alwasy really encouraging. Thanks folks! "

I'd encourage you all to consider volunteering for this - no reason why a couple of people couldn't share it - odd weeks and even maybe? And I'll always be happy to give advice."

The role is not a committee role but it would be good if the new coordinator comes along to our next committee meeting on the 1st September so we can review what worked and what didn't this year, so we can plan for 2010.

Fancy the job? then drop me an email on

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Matthew Ball said...

2009 TT champ Ross Dewar has volunteered to coordinate next year's TT - thanks Ross!