Monday, 24 August 2009

weekend rides

Even though 12 members were over in Glasgow to ride the Scottish TTT champs, four riders still made it up the the Korean War Memorial on Saturday. Tobias says: We headed out on a dry and sunny (if windy) morning: Neil, Jamie, Simon and my good self went to Caldercruix via Bathgate and Blackridge and back over the moors to Avonbridge and on to Linlithgow (Neil and I anyway) . Didn't quite make it to Slamannan, I am afraid. I left my bike computer at home but imagine we did about 35 enjoyable miles."

The TTT champs had to be cancelled because the council brought forward road works on the course making the route too dangerous to ride. Many thanks to the organisers for putting on the event, they must have been more disappointed than anyone after all the hard work they put in.

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