Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Join the Veteran's TT Association

A few of us in the Clarion are, ehm, getting on a bit! If you are 40 or over, you might be interested in joining the Veterans Time Trialling Association (VTTA) which organises time trials for anyone over 40.

The VTTA was established in 1943 with the aim of providing realistic competition in time trials for older racing cyclists, so they would be encouraged to continue in the sport. Races are won not by your actual time but by times calculated using a set of 'standards' according to age.

The standards, which are either times for set distances, or distances for set times begin at the age of 40 and become more generous with each passing year. Standards for women are similar to those for men but there is a phased shift to reflect physiological differences.

If you are interested in finding out more go to

Or visit the Scottish VTTA website to find out more about the racing north of the border here

The fella in the photo is Tim Norton who knocked out his best TT times in his 40s, and managed 54 minute ride for a 25TT! So there is hope for us oldsters yet!

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