Thursday, 20 August 2009

Easter meet 2010

Thought I'd start the ball rolling early so you can get the dates in your diary!

Friday 2nd - Monday 5th April

The Clarion's 115th Easter meet will be in Eastbourne on the English south coast - you couldn't get any further away from West Lothian! Eastbourne is next to Brighton and surrounded by exceptional cycling countryside.

Jez and I rode to the Meet last year and we are planning to do the same in 2010, not on fixed this time and we're not cycling back! A good way to get some miles in the legs before the season really gets under way. I reckon we're favourites to win the milage trophy again!

It sounds like there is going to be a load of great activities, races for all ages and of course plenty of opportunity to bounderise!

If you fancy making the trip either by bike or other from of transport let me know, we had a fabulous time last year and your really get an idea of what the Clarion is all about.

We are looking at two options for the ride down, for the first we ride 120 miles a day over 4 days at a speed of about 15mph, stopping in the Newcastle, Nottingham and Oxford regions before arriving at Eastbourne. BUT the option is to ride to Newcastle or Hull, getting the Ferry over to the Netherlands, cycling to Dieppe and then getting the ferry back across the channel to Newhaven before a short ride to Eastboure, still taking 4 days...

Already some interest and debate on our forum

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