Monday, 24 August 2009

Pusher off wanted for thursday's TT

We still need a pusher off for Thursday's 2-up TT. The pusher off is necessary not only to push off riders put to help the timekeeper at the finish line.

If we don't have the necessary volunteers the race will have to be cancelled which would be a shame as the 2-up format is proving popular and it's the last race of the series.


grantus said...

don't cancel it - if we can't get anyone i'll do it then me and SAF can go off last without a pusher-off - this is my last chance of getting dragged to a quick time!

Matthew Ball said...

Thanks for the offer Grant but the pusher off needs to be at the finish line helping the timekeeper too.

Matthew Ball said...

Many thanks to Mike Ewart for volunteering.