Thursday, 11 February 2010

Treasure in the attic

Treasure in the Attic 3

Two Clarion race medals from the 1930s have been discovered in a club member's attic. The medals belonged to Col Humphries's Grandfather, Willie Humphries. Col knew his grandfather liked to ride a bike on holiday, but had no idea that Willie raced in time trials.

One of the medals was won in an open event and the other in a club confined event. This probably indicates Col is following in his Grandfather's footsteps, by joining the Clarion eighty years later.

Col who stays in Falkirk, says "I'm really chuffed that my mum found these. I never really knew my Granpa because he died when I was young. He was a quiet man and didn't talk about his past, my Gran certainly never mentioned anything about his racing. I knew he enjoyed cycling but believed he just pottered about on holiday. I think the War changed him and don't know if he carried on cycling seriously afterwards."

Willie Humphries was born in 1914, and would've been 18 when he won the medals. His times are quick, especially considering 1930's bicycle technology. One medal was awarded to the first novice, for riding a 25TT in 1.13.50. The other awarded to the second fastest rider overall, for a time of 1.07.45 in a club confined 25TT.

Col says "It's nice to find a piece of family history and I would like to find out more about the medals' background, so if anyone has any more information on my Grandpa, Willie Humphries, please get in touch"

The discovery has encouraged Col to try and emulate Willie "I am now inspired to win something of my own. So watch out for me in this year's club 10TT series!"

Treasure in the Attic 2
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