Saturday, 6 February 2010

Linlithgow club run, Saturday 6th Feb

Saturday run 6th Feb

14 met up in the rain at Linlithgow Sports Centre: New member, Dave, first timer Sean, 2nd timer Neil and the usual crowd: Andy H., Bill, Stevie, Neil, Simon K. Angus, Sadiq, Graham, Jamie, Mike and Matt.

We headed out to Muiravonside at a steady pace but Dave and Sean were struggling to stay with the group, so we decided to spilt into the Social and Active rides at the Roundabout.

We then headed up to Slammanan and Longriggend, the group rode cohesively and there were good changeovers on the front, so the majority got a chance to set a steady but decent pace. A couple of riders yo-yo-ed off the back of the active group when the gradient increased.

At Longriggend we regrouped, had a quick blether then set off back towards Avonbridge. We passed Sean and Dave going the other way at Limerigg and gave the Sociable duo a wave. Bill then set a faster pace on the front and Stevie, Andy, Mike, Simon, Graham and I followed. As we approached the outskirts of Avonbridge, no one could stay with Mike 'Cavendish' as he blasted past to reach the 30 sign first. The sprint was a bit like the last stage of the 2009 TDF. Like Mark, our Mike was about 5 or 6 bike lengths out in front.

After the sprint the group split with the majority heading home towards Linlithgow via Torphichen but Andy, Graham, sadiq and I made our way to Blackridge to ride a few more miles.

A great turn out for such a grey, wet day, and it was good to meet Sean.

Dave Hills sends this Social Group report "As we gathered at Linlithgow sports centre on Saturday morning there were high hopes that the two newcomers, Dave and Sean, would be able to stick in with the Active group by hanging on at the back. The turbo sessions had been going well since the festive over indulgence and no one had dropped us yet in our garages!"

These illusions were shattered before we even had time to warm up, as the group left Linlithgow and proceeded to climb out past Muiravonside Park and on towards Avonbridge. Despite the best attempts by Matt to keep the group together, the pace was just too fast when the road started to climb any more that 2%."

"The inevitable decision was taken to split the group and it was a matter of minutes before the active group disappeared into the mist around Standyburn. Slowly we warmed up and the pace picked up as we carried on through Avonbridge, California, Shieldhill, Slamannan and Limerigg."

"On the road to Caldercruix we even passed the active group coming the other way. At Caldercruix we turned left onto the A89 towards Armadale and back to Linlithgow. All in all, about 35 miles at 16 mph."

"Sean and I concluded that if there was ever a race that combined flat stretches with downhill then we just might enter."

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