Sunday, 14 February 2010

Congratulations Mike and Laura

Mike Ewart
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Congratulations to our top 30-sign sprinter, Mike and his partner Laura who had twins (Adam and Ryan) last Friday,

Mke says: "Just wanted to share my news of 2 new Clarion members to be - I am now the proud father of twins boys (Adam and Ryan) who were born early Friday morning."

"It was a bit of a suprise to myself and Laura as they were only 31 weeks so just a wee bit premature (!), and quite a roller coaster of a couple of days as the doctors and midwives tried to figure out what was going on, but it looks as though teh wee blighters were determined to get out into the world."

"Both Laura and the twins are doing away ok, but I think it will be quite a few weeks until the boys can come home so reckon I'll be a bit of a stranger to the bike for the forseeable."

"Anyway - off to bed for some well earned sleep..."

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Mark P said...

Congratulations Mike and Laura....

Hope all is well and they are home with you soon.

Enjoy the sleep in the meantime!!