Monday, 22 February 2010

East Calder Saturday run

Neil Lovette send in this report from the east Calder run:

A pre-chilled group of six met at East Calder Sports Centre at 08:30 on Saturday, and after some debate on the routes which may or not be iced, headed out west through Mid Calder and along the A71 before turning south at Bellsquarry. Although temperatures were sub-zero, the morning sunshine provided a little heat. However, as we approached Pates Hill and then Auchegray beyond we disappeared into freezing fog, where temperatures fell to -6C. The roads were pretty much ice free, but the same could not be said for us riders who sported various amounts of frosted coatings.

As we approached Carnwath we broke out of the fog, and stopped at the Apple Pie cafe for some welcome hot drinks and cakes/bacon rolls. Heading east back along the Lang Whang we rode through glorious sunshine, with superb views of iced covered hills and forests. All in all we covered approximately 40 chilly miles.

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