Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tom Groom Trophy winners (again)


The West Lothian Clarion have won the Tom Groom Trophy for the second year in a row. This prestigious award is given to the National Clarion's most meritorious section.

Congratulations to all our members!

The Tom Groom Trophy was first awarded in 1949 to the Leicester section. According to the National Clarion book Tom Groom was a founding member of the Clarion in 1894. After he died in 1946 a memorial fund was set up which raised £120 to buy a trophy to celebrate his life. It takes the form of a globe which spins and is engraved with geographical accuracy.

The club will be presented with the trophy at the Clarion's Easter Meet gala dinner.

Congratulations to the other winners of Clarion Merit awards:

Clubman - Bill Childs - Sunderland Clarion
Clubgirl - Maggie McPhillips - Stockport Clarion
Most meritorious junior - George Smee - Fenland Clarion
Best Novice - not claimed


onsuper8 said...

Just wait 'til next year....!

Der Praesident said...

Well done all and well deserved.

Thanks to all members for their input and enthusiasm.

I am sure we will be even better this year.