Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday Run 7th Feb

Sunday Run 7th Feb

Allan sent in this week's report about the Sunday's run:

"There were four clarion members out this morning, Denis, Eve Neil and I and we kept it pretty local: Philpstoun, Hopetoun Estate, Queensferry, Dalmeny Estate, Kirkliston and Whinchburgh."

"Neil had a spectacular blow out at Dalmeny which ripped the sidewall of his tyre, he was unable to continue and had to phone for the emergency services (his wife) to come and collect him. The rest of the group continued and had a good tailwind all the way back to Linlithgow. Ride time was about 2 & a half hours, not sure on milage but I think Denis will post up as he had a computer."

The Sunday run looks like it has attracted a good core of ridrers, why not get out and swell the ranks of this social ride.

All the club run information here:

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