Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Pedal for Scotland report

A few Clarionistas rode from Glasgow to Edinburgh on saturday with 8000 other riders!

Andy not only completed the ride but rode to the start and back form the finish, knocking up his first century in the process, "I started off with the intention of puting in a bit of effort and going for a 'time' but within a few hundred yards of the start I sensed that if I had done I would have missed out on so much, so I pretty much cruised along taking it all in.

It was especially nice to meet the clarionistas including Tom and his daughter who I had a good blether with. I spent a a bit of time at every feed stop sitting/standing about just watching everyone enjoy their day, which given the weather and the sense of being part of something a bit special, was just that, a bit special!

Any way including stops I was just under 4 hrs for the Glasgow / Edinburgh Part. And somewhere between 7 and 7 and a half hrs for my 103 mile round trip which was quite surprising considering how leisurely the day had been!"

On the way back I was meeting people still on their way to Edinburgh untill I got to Linlithgow, in between I passed two or three people on BMXs, a few people towing tag alongs and trailers, some with kids in and some with dogs in, and believe it or not some mad man pedaling a rickshaw, at least it was empty! There were more than a few youngsters on the ride some of which could not have been more than 10 or 11 ... Amazing!

I have to say a huge WELL DONE to all the folk that took part especially those that have probably only got on their bikes to do this event. It must have been a huge struggle to finish but finish they did. I will be doing this event and some others in future and will be doing it slower and will offer support and encouragement to everyone that I meet"

Steven said "Great weather for a good route. left around 9am from Glasgow and passed Andy, Tom & daughter at Drumpellier. Arrived at Newhaven in 2hr 49 min. Scoffed my free cereal bar and bottle of water - had a 15 min rest then turned round and cycled reverse (and passed Andy near Silverknowes as he was heading in ) route to Kingscavil and then back over to Bo'ness 72miles in total with an average of 16.5mph"

Jamie and his mate Ronnie had a blast and raised over £1300 in the process. Jamie says "We really enjoyed ourselves. The weather obviously made a huge difference to the overall experience, but excluding that, it was just great fun! We arrived at the Linlithgow loo stop in exactly 2hours and completed the full route in an astonishing (for us) 3h 35m!
Another plus was seeing Tom and his daughter and Andy early in the ride. Tom has told me he really enjoyed it."

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