Sunday, 6 September 2009

Hill Climb & Freewheel Champs results

A strong field turned out for the club's inaugural championship up Kingscavil this morning. There was a great atmosphere on West Lothian's finest hillside, with the event well attended by marshals and supporters giving each of the 15 competitors a big cheer over the brow of the hill. Many thanks to all those who took part, the marshals, Andy, Jim, Tobias, Joe and to Bill's meticulous planning and to the families who came out to watch.

Graham Gillooly flew up the climb to set a new club course record and win the event with an outstanding 2.29. Denise Schofield won the women's event, dancing up the hill to cross the line with 4.16. Kerstin Bonau was only 30 seconds behind Denise but rode a bike which is almost too heavy to lift, it even had a kick-stand - chapeau!

There were other notable rides from, top local runner, Angus Gallie, putting in an all-out-blast to come in second; a creditable third for Matt Muir without any training and a sub 3 minute ride by Andy Hemingway with a back wheel so buckled it could've collapse any second.

Mandy Weaving thought she was out for a nice gentle ride this morning but was somehow persuaded to take part by her husband Andy. Mandy won the lantern rouge, but she did ride up the hardest hill in the Bathgate Alpes with a bike fitted with a saddle bag and mudguards!

Tom Beatie is the club's freewheel champion, winning with a stunning display of Sean Yates like descending, pipping Angus who who was second in both events and TT champ Ross Dewar to third.

After the morning's excitement a group rode down to Craigie's Farm near Dalmeny and stuffed our selves with cake and coffee as a reward for the lung busting efforts.

Thanks to Gillian for taking the great photos

West Lothian Clarion Hill Climb Champs
1. Graham Gillooly 2.29
2. Angus Gallie 2.53
3. Matt Muir 2.54
4. Andy Hemingway 2.58
5. Allan McCrimmon 3.01
6. Mark Paul 3.16
7 Ross Dewar 3.23
8 Jamie O'Kane 3.24
9 Grant Thomson 3.43
10 Dean Campbell 3.58
11 Graham Foster 4.03
12 Tom Beattie 4.16
12 Denise Schofield 4.16 (Women's Champion)
14 Kerstin Bonau 4.42
15 Mandy Weaving 8.01

West Lothian Clarion Freewheel Champs
1. Tom Beattie
2. Angus Gallie
3. Ross Dewar
4. Allan McCrimmon
5. Graham Foster
6. Denise Schofield
7. Mark Paul
8. Matt Muir
9. Andy Hemingway
10. Andy Weaving
11. Grant Thomson
12. Jamie O'Kane
13. Kerstin Bonau

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