Monday, 21 September 2009

Early season hilly club TT

Bill has figured out a great 17 mile circuit for an early season (probably March) hilly TT around Slammanan.

See link here

But new work commitments mean he hasn't got the time available to organise the event, so we are looking for someone to take over organising the race.

Originally it was planned as an open event but there is too much to do to get that off the ground in time but it would be ideal as a club event to kick off the season

Its a fair bit of work, but not as much as an open event. If we get a couple of people interested then the job can be shared. The work would involve a risk assessment, informing the council and then putting the volunteer team together for the day as per the risk assessment.

You would get the support of the committee so you wouldn't be left high and dry to sort it out yourself.

On the plus side you'll be able to wear a high visibility vest, use a clip board and order people around on the day! Seriously though it can pretty rewarding to get an event like this off the ground.

If you are interested email me at