Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bike route surveyors wanted

West Lothian council is planning to produce cycling maps of all the major towns in the County and is looking for volunteer help with surveying the towns for the data to go on the town maps. Surveying needs to be completed if at all possible by the end of October, in the hope the maps can be produced this financial year.

To identify suitable (safe, direct and continuous) cycle routes that connect main trip origins (usually housing areas) and destinations (schools, supermarkets, doctor's surgeries, town centres, etc.). These routes can be existing dedicated cycling facilities such as cycle lanes and cycle tracks, or quiet roads.

The survey aims to identify routes, which are attractive for all types of cyclists but are particularly suitable for less experienced and less confident ones (ideally the routes should be useable by families, novice cyclists and older schoolchildren).

The towns to be surveyed are:

Livingston (update of Harvey's Livingston for cyclists map); and
Linlithgow (surveying already completed)

Linlithgow was surveyed by about 3 people who divided the town up between them.

Maps and coloured pens will be provided by the council so you can mark on relevant information

If you can volunteer to survey a town, or part of a town, please let
me know and I'll pass on your name and email address to the Council
Cycle Officer (Our very own Mr Tobias Bauer):

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