Monday, 14 September 2009

Cumberland Challenge Report

Pete Buchan sends in this report of the Cumberland Challenge he rode on 6th September:

I Did this sportive in club colours at the weekend with 4 workmates. I'd highly recommend it to club members who are a bit tired of the Etape hassle/expense and looking for a bit more support than you get on an Audax:

An easy 1.5 hr drive down the M6 to the start at Brampton just outside Carlisle. HQ at the local school with parking, showers, canteen open for breakfast and a post race beer. Full "dibber" timing system with an open 8-9am start window so clubs can organise a group start to suit themsleves.

Excellent but tough 105 mile route up to 2000ft at Hartside then a "hell of the north" cobbled ascent thro Alston , back to base for lunch then over the moors to cross the border briefly in the afternoon.

Excellent signage , marshalling and general lack of traffic on the route meant "open roads" was a non-issue. All the food/water stops were included in the £25 price and there was quality scran & drinks for everyone. Our times ranged from a blistering 6:20 by Sun's Armstrong equivalent Stephen Grant to 8:20 by my group of 3 more "social cyclists". Getting going on the bike again after the summer hols so see you out there soon I'm sure.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic.. Remind me next year and if i am off I will have a go.!

Andy ( richara3 )