Wednesday, 2 September 2009

2-up TT results

The last club 10 TT was run as a 2-up on Thursday. The change of format went down well with those racing and although it rained conditions were good with just a slight head-wind on the return leg. McComomisky's and Sinclair's team time trail training has turned them into a well oiled unit and put in one of the best performances of the year, pipping riders who are faster than them on paper. Mark Ewing, one half of the winning team even rode the event with mudguards.

Many thanks to Arthur, MIke and Andy for doing the marshalling and time keeping duties.

1st M Ball and M Ewing 25.02
2nd J McComisky and C Sinclair 25.47
3rd B Young and S MacDowall 25.50
4th A Gallie and A Hemmingway 26.58
5th A mcCrimmon and D Campbell 28.16
6th G Gillooly and S Fraser 28.31

Angus said"Another wee 'de ja vu' experience for me this year, riding a two up.My old club thru' in the west used to run a hilly open one early season. It was one of my favourite events (got a second place twice with different partners!).
I think big Andy 'enjoyed' his first experience of it. He rode well and was kind enough not to drop me! We both appreciated big John's comment about the 'Belgian toothpaste' experience on a wet night.
The cycle of pain came flooding back to me.

P - Panic. He's going thru like a train, I'm gonna get drapped .
R - Recover. This is actually ok sitting here, I'll maybe leave it just a wee bit longer.
A - Anticipate. Guilt feelings,I'd better get thru.
I.S.E. - Intense,Sustained Effort. Aaaaargh!

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