Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Kingscavil Hill climb and Freewheel Competition

Sunday 6th September
Meet to sign on 9.00am adjacent to Kingscavil Church an unnamed road off the B9080

Google map of sign on location here


The event is a timed 0.9km hill climb which takes place on a narrow road and is open to traffic so care should be taken when making your way to the start and during the event. Once all competitors have completed the climb there will be a free wheel competition from the top of the hill opposite Kingscavil looking north (not Kingscavil)

Read terms and conditions of event

1. Sign on at dedicated marshals/starters vehicle and receive allocated competitors number
2. Make your way to the bottom of the climb
3. Wait at starting point but do not block the road
4. When asked to start move into allocated position on left hand side of the road and await starters instructions
5. Once given count down commence climb and stay on the left hand side of the road at all times, DO NOT WEAVE FROM SIDE TO SIDE ACROSS THE ROAD
6. Once you have completed the climb make sure you stay clear of the event finish line and park your bike in a safe place. Do not block the road

1. Once all competitors have completed the Hill climb the downhill free wheel competition will commence. Cranks will be tied to chainstay to prevent pedaling.
2. When instructed by the Marshall/Timekeeper please proceed to the start line of the free wheel competition at the top of the climb closest to KIngscavil church, not Kingscavil Hill
3. Once given instruction to leave the dedicated starting line you must keep to the left hand side of the road during the descent
4. When your bike comes to a stand still after the descent, Mark where you stopped with the chalk provided and initial it.
5. Once you have made the mark please move to the side of the road out of the way of other competitors and collect in the layby after the bridge
6. Do not ride back up the hill towards fellow competitors as this could prove dangerous given the narrow width of the road.

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