Wednesday, 16 September 2009

New Member!

Welcome to Neil Greer who joined up after tagging along on one of our Saturday runs, If you live out in the East Calder direction you might be interested in the group rides Neil and a few of his buddies organise, Have a look at the forum for more details

Neil says "At 56 I have been a life long cyclist, with the main emphasis being on touring, both on the continent and UK. A few years ago - probably inspired by a certain Mr Armstrong - I decided to get myself a dedicated road bike and have been exploring the highways and byways of West Lothian ever since, mainly in the company of an ever increasing group of like-minded locally based individuals. I am also fortunate that my wife, Julie, is also dead keen on cycling too - even more so since she acquired a Bianchi and brought her personal collection up to 4 too! And, naturally, our 2 kids are being suitably indoctrinated as well....

Currently, my bike stable consists of a 1991 Dawes Super Galaxy Tourer, a 1993 Al Carter (who's he?) Mountain bike (pre-suspension, of course!), a 2006 Giant SCR2 Triple and, my most recent acquisition, a 2009 (2008 model though) Specialized Roubaix Comp compact. As a family we have 11 bikes all together....

Apart from a general love of exploring the outdoors, my main reasons for riding these days are recreational and maintaining a reasonable level of fitness. In my view, you have to go a long way to beat the experience of doing 50-80 miles in the company of similarly minded friends who are also looking forward to the cake stops! I have participated in all 3 Etape Caledonias and would be keen to do more sportive type rides.

Aspirationally, my aims for the forthcoming year would be to stay injury free (am currently recovering from a back injury....), to be able to a regular 6-7 hours on the bike eack week, to ride more routes and to become a better climber, though at 80+ kilos that will always be a challenge!

On the few occasions we have met fellow riders from WLC we have much enjoyed the blather and fully support what you are trying to achieve. West Lothian needs a club like this - well done!"

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