Monday, 14 September 2009

Fife 50 TT report

Bob Simpson, John McComisky and second claimer Steve McCaw (riding for Bicycle Works) rode the Fife 50 TT at the weekend. Steve says "John broke his TT bike the day before the race and had to borrow a road bike with no tri bars, so he put in a huge effort. Bob didn't say much in the HQ afterwards... I think he was hurting a lot! It's a nice course, not flat by any means, the conditions were good, a very calm day but cold at the start - I could see my breath - and there was mist in the low lying fields as we warmed up!"

"I rode ok and within myself for 44 miles then just blew up totally without warning and had to roll in to the finish as best I could, I was in some state after the line, not good...though it's my second longest ride of the year so about what I deserved. Did I mention how much I hurt?"

1. Joe Wilson - SWC - 1:53:31
5. Steve McCaw - Bicycleworks - 1:59:23
33. Robert Simpson - West Lothain Clarion - 2:23:52
36. John McComisky - West Lothian Clarion - 2:25:32

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Anonymous said...

I am in awe.... Supreme effort by all. Glad you enjoyed it ;)

Andy ( richara3 )