Monday, 2 November 2009

West Lothian toothpaste

WL Toothpaste
Thoroughly enjoyed the 'Active;' ride on Saturday but managed to get a mouthful of 'West Lothian toothpaste' in the process.

West Lothian toothpaste is a particularly yucky mixture of water, muck and manure sprayed up off the road from the bike in front. The minor roads we tend to ride along can be covered in the stuff and on a dirty ride without mudguards, the group gets plastered in the sticky brown gloop.

So, In Winter, if you are coming on a Clarion club run please fit mudguards. They will protect your own kit and that of the grateful riders behind you.

If you've got a fancy carbon bike your Friendly LBS will sort you out with a descent pair of clip on mudguards.

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