Friday, 27 November 2009

Introducing another new Clarionista

Steve Heneley

Welcome to Yorkshire man, Steve Henley (celebrating the big four-O in December) who moved to Scotland 15 years ago and now lives in Bellsquarry, Livington with his wife, Sarah, and two children, Nathan (7) and Milly (4).

Steve says "I have always enjoyed cycling however family life meant that time was limited and I found that my fitness levels were dropping. In 2008 I decided to enter Pedal for Scotland, raise some money for charity and invest in a new bike. I completed the ride and raised over £800 for Myeloma UK cancer charity. After watching me complete the ride my son, Nathan, wanted to complete the 2009 ride with me. As he was not allowed to ride by himself I said he could ride on the tag-along behind me if we were able to raise over £1,000. I completed an Edinburgh to St Andrews ride in June as a warm up beforehand. We raised £1,300 and my son cycled the full 50 miles behind me. He was in a better condition than I was at the end!"

"I had been thinking about buying a road bike for a while and decided to purchase one of the Chris Boardman bikes for my 40th. Given the investment I thought I should join a club to ensure that I got the most benefit from it. Having always cycled on my own I hope that this will help me to improve my fitness levels, as well as meeting fellow cyclists. I hope to get out on a Saturday morning as often as possible during the winter, family commitments permitting. At this moment I tend to prefer the downhill sections of the ride and struggle on the climbs, hopefully this will change the more that I cycle in a group. In 2010 I hope to raise some more money for charity by cycling again with my son in Pedal for Scotland and also by completing a long distance (100 mile) ride."

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Mark P said...

Welcome Steve

Another member from the good! side of the hills.