Saturday, 21 November 2009

New Member!

Ian Robertson
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Welcome to Ian Robertson who joined recently. Ian has cycled pretty seriously for the last 15 years or so with the balance moving from an initial focus on MTB to the point now where he is almost fully road orientated.

Ian says "I try not to let the winter weather put me off too much albeit ride lengths are inevitably shorter. Typical mild weatrher rides are 70 - 100km two/three times a week whilst cold weather riding tends to be 40 - 60km once or twice a week."

"I take at least one overseas trip per year to attempt to bag as many of the iconic continental climbs as possible with Ventoux being my primary challenge for 2010.

"My pace is modest - 25/27kph on a typical lumpy run, and a climb rate opf c700metres vertical per hour. So you can imagine that Europe's highest pass, Col de la Bonette, at 2,802m required a lengthy stretch in the saddle!"

"Equipment wise I have, like most cycling fanatics, accumulated an ever expanding garage full of gear. My dry road bike is a Specialized Roubaix/DuraAce/Mavic R-Sys combination that is both light and comfortable."

"Winter riding is done on a Lemond Alpe Duez/105/Mavic Aksium combination. For travelling I have an Airnimal Chameleon folder and an old, but beautiful, Flying Scot 653. Traditionalists would despair however that I have kitted out the latter with DuraAce and Easton EA70 wheels to ensure the going up and coming down off mountains is all the more enjoyable. My rare foray on MTB is done on my Cannondale F700SL/XTR/Mavic Crossrides."

"I very much look forward to joining the Club's runs and activities."

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