Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Last weekend's Saturday ride report

Eleven riders ventured out on to the West Lothian lanes on Saturday. Eve and Andy made up the 'Social' group and Matt, Steve-B, Angus, Darren, Andy-H, Jamie, Neil, Mike, Craig (for a wee while) filled out the ranks of the 'Active' group.

Social Ride
Andy R. says "Had a great ride with Evie out of Lithgie towards Blackness.. up past the Binns, along the A-904 to Abercorn. Onto the muddiest back roads in the district ...through Hopetoun estate (loads of deer), did a bit of cyclocross and then out to Queensferry for tea and cake."

"We retraced the route to the old Abercorn primary then crossed the A-904 and continued under the motorway and on up to the Kirkliston road where we were chased by a bus and crossed the 10 TT finish line at fastest yet. It was an easy cycle into linlithgow after that."

"It was a 25 mile route at 13 mph including the off road, mud gates etc and was great with plenty of chat and both of us on our new bikes..."

Active Ride
The Active group rode out to Torphicen via Lanark Road then on to Bathgate, Blackridge, Caldercruix Road, Limerigg and Avonbridge where the group split with some heading back via Standburn, while the rest carried on to Torphicen and the Korean War Memorial before returning to Linlithgow.

Angus says "There was North East tailwind going out - making the pace 'brisk' and It got 'brisker' coming back over the hills!

Super-fit fell runner, Andy Hemingway rode consistently and had energy to spare at the end when riding up to the Korean War memorial, he and Darren even went on for a few extra miles.

Matt said "I was flagging by the end but thoroughly enjoyed the ride, the pace was steady but fairly brisk, I think we must have clocked up 30-odd miles, back home by 11.00am"

Mike blasted past Matt and Steve to win the sprint at Avonbridge by a country mile, after Andy H. politely led everybody out for about 2 miles beforehand

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