Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Introducing another new Clarionista

Keir Bradie
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Welcome to Keir Bradie, who has been riding the East Calder Saturday rides and joined up this week. The 42 year old ex-rugby front row forward now rides to keep fit, socialise and lose weight and is married with one exceptionally energetic 7 year old boy called Angus.

He coaches rugby at Currie Rugby Club, working with the younger kids and teenagers there.

Keir says "I've been cycling now for just about two years encouraged onto the road bike by the guys in Kirknewton Village where I live. Since I retired from rugby I have been struggling over the years to find an active hobby to replace rugby that I enjoy. Cycling is perfect for me, quality exercise without stud marks down your back the morning after!

"I would like to use this opportunity to thank now fellow members Neil, Rob and DD for relentless encouragement when I started, you were right guys, and all these month later I am indeed hooked."

"Moved up to a Van Nicholas Euro this year from my 'entry level' Allez. Love the bike and it suits my style of riding. Never felt that I possessed the bodily aerodynamics for a carbon flyer but there is always time. The 'Van' is now a firm friend and the titanium frame gives a big guy like me a load of confidence."

"My aims are to continue to improve, 12 months ago I would have laughed at anyone suggesting I ride 30 miles non-stop, now doing twice that quite comfortably. Very much enjoy the social side of the rides out of Kirknewton and delighted to have formalised as a Social ride under the Clarion banner, this move has already brought us some new faces, long may it continue. (Saturday morning’s East Calder Sport Centre- 8:30am)"

"I still have not ridden an event, had to call out of the Et-'tack' Caledonia 2009 last minute this year as my retina detached and needed a quick bit of eye-surgery. Have my good eye fixed firmly on doing it in 2010."

"I look forward to meeting more of you as time goes on, my thanks for the welcome to the club."

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sadiq said...

welcome to the club keir and well done for playing a part in establishing the east calder rides