Thursday, 5 November 2009

Thanks Bill, thanks Tobias

Presidential treat

Bill has had to step down as club President because of a promotion which brings extra work and travel commitments.

On behalf of the club I'd like to say a massive 'thankyou' to Bill for putting in so much work this year. Not only has he been a club run stalwart but he has organised key events, including our first Open event, coordinated the kit orders, and hosted last year's turbo sessions.

While Bill has been President he has seen the club grow rapidly and he has played a major part in shaping what the club is today.

The club's Constitution allows the committee to co-opt appointments to vacant posts. Bill proposed that Tobias take over as President and the committee was pleased to support this proposal unanimously. Tobias will continue to carry out his existing responsibilities as the club's race secretary. There will be the usual election of all club officers at the club AGM in January 2010.

Congratulations Tobias!

Tobias the time keeper

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ElCampesino said...

Thank you for all your hard work, Bill; and thanks to the committee members for their trust and support.

All members, please feel free to talk to me directly when you see me out and about or send an email to the email address if you have any questions, suggestions, etc.

All the best,