Friday, 19 June 2009

Volunteer for timekeeping

Next week's 10TT will be cancelled unless we get a club member to volunteer for time keeping duties. Every week we need two club members to volunteer - a pusher off and a timekeeper.
The jobs are much easier than actually riding the TT!
Mark has offered to push-off but no one has offered to time the event and we have less than a week to go. If you've ridden the event then your are expected to volunteer at least once, so that we can continue to promote the season long competition. This event will only work if we get the volunteers each week.

Each timekeeper will be awarded 18 points, and the pusheroff 17 points.

Please email the TT coordinator, Graham Foster at:
or post on the forum's TT thread

More details about the TT here


grantus said...

I'll be packing for me hols next Thursday

Anonymous said...

Saltcoats can wait.