Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ride reports

Tuesday chain gang
John, Steve, Andy, Matt, Graham and Neil kept things ticking over nicely for 4 laps until Steve left for home. No one missed a turn and the pace was a steady 20mph, kept high by slick changeovers at the Back and front. Soon after Steve departed Graham and Matt tapped off the front and kept the pace high for a few laps, 6 completed by 7pm.
Ride details here

Saturday Ride
Malcolm sent in this report about last weekend's Saturday ride:
Fantastic turnout yesterday - I think we had 13 up at the KWM for the 8am start.
We headed down to Faucheldean where Bill tried to take the sprint by going for a long one. Mike lurked in the background and took us all out comfortably.
From there we headed into South Queensferry along the front and up the hill after the Hawes Inn, where, using my usual tactic of going when nobody's realised/bothered about the sign, I took an Ardenne style sprint halfway up the hill.
A quick loop through Dalmeny estate followed, with much discussion about its suitability for a crit circuit then we moved off towards Kirkliston. I tried to distract Bill by suggesting that we went fore a coffee at Craigie's Farm and he responded by putting the hammer down and cruising to Kirkliston. As if by magic, Mike appeared just before the 30 sign to take the spoils and I was still freewheeling when I turned off back down towards Ratho. Fairly restored my faith in cycling after my nightmare at the Skye Sportive.
Craig then picks up the story after Malcolm headed home: We cycled back to Linlithgow via Winchburgh, where I tried to sneak the 30 sign but I made the mistake of easing off then looking over my shoulder. Bill was coming up like a steam train and had the momentum to come past me at the sign. Lesson learned! We all then kept a steady pace back to Linlithgow where we stopped for 5 mins to have a chat and see who was going where. Ewan and myself headed up to the KWM and the others heading through to Falkirk or up to Standburn/Avonbridge. Another good cycle with the guys.


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3 foot ditch??? It was a 3 metre deep ditch.

3 foot indeed.

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Oops, wrong article.