Tuesday, 23 June 2009

2009 Tour de France Sweep Stake announced

Last year's sweep was a lot of fun, we even had one competitor thrown out for taking drugs! Anth is organising this year's event, and here are the details:

Bonjour mes amis! La plume de ma tante etc etc etc...

You may recall a short while ago that Matt was looking for a volunteer to run the West Lothian Clarion Tour de France Sweepstake 2009 (or WLCTdFSs09 for short, catchy huh?). Well I put my name in the ring and then promptly went on holiday, but now I'm back and had better start getting organised. I've got some guidance on how it has been run previously, so the way it's going to work is like this:

Register your interest with me either here, or in person at a TT (I am going to do one again), or by email to anth@citycycling.co.uk, by Thursday 2nd July (the last Thursday before the Tour starts); On 3rd July I'll get a list from the bookies of the betting odds for the number of riders to coincide with the number of entrants;
Each entrant will be allocated one of these riders at random and from then on will be that rider;
I'll try and update a table every day with the latest placings, and put that online (I'll give you the link) with who is in yellow, or who has been sent home in disgrace for taking EPO;
The winner will be announced at the social on the last day of the Tour (26th July).

And that's really it, apart from the small matter of the cash. I think last year entry was a fiver? I'm happy to keep with that to give a good pot to divvy up. I can collect this at any time during the Tour, at a TT, or if you happen to be in Edinburgh, or even by post. The divvying will go something like this:

40% to the overall winner of the Tour;
10% as a grimpeur prize to the polka dot jersey, because everyone loves the mountain stages; and
50% to the club.

So if we get ten entrants the winner will get £20, 20 entrants would give £40 and so on.

Bonne chance tout le monde!

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