Wednesday, 3 June 2009

10 under the Ben

Denise and Dave rode this night time marathon off-road event, at the weekend, here is Daves's report:

It's a 10-hour endurance event in Fort William that can be ridden solo, in pairs, trios and quads (teams of 4 not the motorbike thingies).
I rode in a pair under the team name 'Jan Ullrich Slimming Squad' (I didn't choose the name). We completed 8 laps of the 10 mile (more like 12) course coming in 47th out of about 100 teams in our category.
Denise, on the other hand, chose to ride solo and managed an impressive 5 laps to put her 8th from 14 in the women's solos. She was a bit teary at the end of her final lap, as she was so chuffed with herself. Quite right too, I'm very proud of her.
The weather was immense for the 2nd year in a row. The atmosphere at this event is great and if you've ever considered entering an mtb event, I'd recommend this one. There's a wee video of it on the homepage of the event

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JMC said...

What a pair of mentalists you are!!!!, great picture too, top job..JMC