Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Club 10 TT Series: Week 6 results

Foz sends in his report for last week's club 10: The weather was warm, bright and still. Until tea-time. When it rained. And we rode. Cleared up beautifully last thing too, so it was only a wet couple of hours.
Despite that, 11 rode with 5 new PBs and a new member joining on the night - welcome to Allan McCrimmon and congratulations on beating me by a single second on your first night . Matt took the honours again though it looks like Stevie might well be on his case having joined the elite '24 club' in emphatic style. Ross's time also stands out in such soggy conditions. Thanks to Andy and Sadiq for running things so well. Here are the times & league positions.

Week 6 results
1 M Ball 24.26
2 S McDowall 24.47
3 R Dewar 25.46
4 T Bauer 26.51
5 C Sinclair 26.56
6 B Young 27.02
7 D Campbell 28.52
8 A Brown 29.12
9 A McCrimmon 29.25
10 G Foster 29.26
11 S Fraser 29.55

League positions
Matt Ball extends his lead at the top but Ross Dewar moves into second place overall, pushing John McComisky down into 3rd and Bill Young is starting to make his move up the rankings to fourth.
Julie Dominguez, in 15th place overall, leads the Women's competition from Denise Schofield in second place, this competition is wide open and other women in the club still have a chance of winning if they come along on a Thursday.
Entering the TT is the key to a high league placing, the more times participants enter the time trials the more chance of getting points. Were not half way through the season yet so there is still time to climb up the table.

M Ball 118
R Dewar 82
J McComisky 77
B Young 77
G Gilhooly 74
S Mir 71.5
T Bauer 70
G Foster 55
S McDowall 55
D Campbell 51
A Brown 47
G Thomson 43
C Sinclair 43
S Fraser 41
J Dominguez 40
M Paul 40
D Hamill 38
M Ewing 36.5
R Simpson 34
A Hemingway 31
A Richards 29
M Ewart 28
D McTurk 22
D Schofield 19
A McCrimmon 12
S Waldron 11
M Muir 10
B Campbell 8
R Duffy 7
A Robson 5

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