Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Skye Sportive report


Bill, Stevie and Malcolm rode the 100Km event in strong winds over the weekend.

Jackie, Malcolm's partner rode the 50 mile event and said "The wind was brutal and were well in excess of 20 mph, I hope never have to be out in anything like that again. Bill, Stevie and Malcolm are saying they are never doing the 100 again and there is talk of everyone doing the 50 next year."

Malcolm said "That was the most brutal on bike experience I can recall although some of it was of my own making. I spotted that my brake was rubbing at the start line and made a quick fix rather than looking for the real cause. After 10 miles of seeing my heart rate go through the roof and everyone passing me I looked down to see that the problem had sorted itself out and my brakes were now jammed on the other side. By the top of the island the locals had started to protest and some of the sheep were throwing ticks on the road....
Eventually I caught up with a local from Skye called Graham Dees, just as he turned into his drive to pick up some supplies he'd left to see him through the 2nd half of the race. Graham caught me up, turned tour guide and kept me going throughout the rest of the ride. After he told me that he was a paramedic, I though that it was probably best to stick with him. Haven't seen the results yet but I'm at least an hour slower than last year."

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