Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The 2009 Clarion Gentleman's Race

In April, on our ride to the Clarion's Easter Meet, Jez and I stayed in a smashing hotel in Torthorwald

Jez had the great idea of organising a gentleman's race down to the hotel, stay the night and come back the following day. A gentleman's race is much like a reliability trial in that it isn't really a race but you can go as quickly or as slowly as you like. The idea is to stop at cafes and take in the views form time to time.

It's about 85 miles to the hotel and the route is a corker, it includes the Devil's Beef Tub and lovely towns like Biggar and Moffat. I can work up a different route for the return leg or we could just use the same one

It'll take place on 26-27th September, riding down on the Saturday, staying over for a bit of bounderising and returning on Sunday 27th.

The Manor Hotel can accommodate 15 people but there are other places to stay locally including B&Bs and a Travelodge which I can notify you about. The hotel has a great bar and can serve 45 in the dinning area where we'd plan to meet up Saturday night.

Hotel rooms are:
1 double with single beds
2 double rooms with single beds
1 double room
1 family (double and 3 singles)

Which means we'll need to share rooms to keep the costs down

I've got the hotel on hold so we'll need to move pretty quickly first come first served for a hotel place
Please post if you want to ride and email me your confirmation, I'll need a £10 deposit.

There is also a thread on the forum

Deadline is Friday 10th July


grantus said...


I can't get that link to work

Anonymous said...

I take it ladies are allowed as well?


grantus said...

Yes Tobias, even Jerries are welcome but you have to ride at the back

Matthew Ball said...

Try it now, I think it's ok...
And yes, women are welcome - can't you see the photo? Calling it the gentleperson's race just sounds wrong!

grantus said...

I thought tobias was a man anyway??

ElCampo said...

I was asking on your behalf, Granta.

Matthew Ball said...

So are you two riding or what?!

grantus said...

I am doubtful Matt

ElCampo said...