Tuesday, 23 June 2009

New Member!

Ewan Norton

Welcome to Ewan Norton, a 36 year old Mountain biker from Falkirk, who found out about the club from the guys at Halfords.

Ewan says "Last year I decided to enter the 2009 Caledonia Etape. I picked up a Boardman Team Carbon through the cycle to work Scheme in January but didn't get out on it, for real, until late February, due to the poor weather (I was scared stiff of the tiny wee tyres for weeks!) and then started training for the May Etape."

"Unfortunately I badly sprained my ankle five weeks before the Etape but after a month of doing nothing, I managed to get to the start line. The race was going really well until I got held up at the top of the hill for around 50 minutes - but on the plus side, I didn't get a puncture. Managed an official time of 5hrs 10 minutes, with my bike computer saying 4hrs 8 minutes riding for the 73 miles - so was well chuffed!"

"So far this year I've done just over a thousand miles and have been out three times on the Clarion's Saturday rides. I might have won my first sprint last weekend - but it was close!"

"I may come along to the weekly 10M TT soon but am a bit nervous of it - never done anything like that before! I'm also looking for another sportive - 60 to 100 miles in the next month or two, to really see what I can do. I'm definitely getting fitter and more competent on the bike and really enjoy the group riding so far."


grantus said...

Hi Ewan,

Don't be nervous about the TT - they're good fun - i'm one of the slower ones but i'm hooked on them now.


JMC said...

Greetings Mr Norton, are we going to get Douglas along as well? JMC