Monday, 9 March 2009

Where am I? 3

Where am I number 3?
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Anyone know where this lovely road is? A free bag of cola cubes to the person with the first correct answer.


grantus said...

Is it winchburgh road?

Foz72 said...,-3.6418|15|4&dp=os&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:55.91696:-3.61884:15|bathgate|

Heading for the Knock from the south???
If it is there - I passed through at Friday lunchtime.

JMC said...

it is the wee corner before a stiff climb th the knock and an armco lined plunge to the foot of Cairnpapple...mmmmm cola cubes

Matthew Ball said...

Jeez Foz, spot on again! You've got quite a sweet tooth. JMC you'll have to be quicker next time...

Foz72 said...

And I've lived in the area for less than two years :) Though I'd never have got it if I hadn't been in the area just last week. I think the first time I rode that road was a misty day with you, way back before the club was formed?

I think you should spread the good fortune and give the Cola Cubes to JMC - I'll need to cut back on sugary goodness anyway if I'm ever going to make it up the Bealach na Ba in two months!