Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sadiq rides hard at the Lake APR

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Sadiq (far rigth) rode the Lake PR today and had a really enjoyable race, doing a lot of hard work and feeling strong through out the event. read his report here.

Well what a day! In the third group to leave and after 1 mile I knew the group wouldn't last long as out of 10 riders there were points when there was only 4 or 5 of us doing the work with the others seemingly sitting in and saving themselves to jump on to the fourth group when they passed. I felt strong and rode at the front of the group 'till we got caught in what was a fast part of the course with a tailwind and a few shortish but steep climbs that suit me more than the longer stuff. Me and most of my group hung on to the fast group and it was status quo till 3/4 of the way round the first lap, where between the Rob Roy Hotel and Ballat Toll the headwind and looong drag gradually sorted the group with me falling off, leaving about a dozen to ride away. I regrouped with another 2 or 3 and rode through and off only to be passed by the scratch group (which provided the top 3 places) who would go on and rip the field to shreds.
On the wind tunnel to Buchlyvie another group of about 15 passed us and I found I could hang with them fairly easily enough 'till maybe 5 or 6 broke away on the short sharp climbs alongside the Lake of Menteith. This left a dozen or so of us to complete the final lap with me fairing a lot better on the long drag passed the Rob Roy, easily the most crucial part of the course reaching the top 5th or 6th in the group with the rest falling off the back. The headwind was horrible at this bit with seemingly all the riders talking about how tough this bit was . Me and two others caught the boys putting most pressure on the climb and rode round towards the finish. At this point I felt I was maybe one of the strongest of the group as I was doing plenty of work but I could feel the cramps coming on and new that any severe out of saddle effort could finish me there and then so I backed off a bit.
Approaching the deciding climb up to killearn, 2 miles before the finish, the rest of the group eased off leaving me out front by about 10 metres. It crossed my mind to go solo make a dash but I new the final climb, which was not used on the 1st lap, was very tough. I sat tight only for an initial to two break away on the climb. I was labouring at this point and came over the top last out of the five, before a final drop down to Balfron.
I was cooked at the finish but very very content knowing I had given it everything. The cramps were severe now. Final postitions havent been released yet but i'll be happy if I sneaked in the top 30.

This was an amzingly well organised event with loads of marshals and a good race HQ. The course was excellent, the rough roads in bits added to the character although I am probably only saying that as I didnt puncture. Was very nice to wear the kit, a few photos are on braveheart and it certainly stands out!

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