Monday, 9 March 2009

Saturday Run Report 7 March

Eleven riders set off from the Korean War memorial. Bill, Stevie, Andy & Mandy (on a tandem), Mike, Angus, Dick, Ross, Malcolm, Craig and another 2 Andy's headed off in the direction of Torphichen, where bill takes up the story "On the decscent towards the village I heard the thrashing of pedals and new it was a 30 attack, A victory for Malcolm with less than a mile into the day.
We made our way towards Westfield and it was Mike who took the downhill 30 into the village from a long way out closely followed by Malcolm again. I led the group towards Bridgehouse from Westfield for the first gradient of the day and the bunch were soon split as this wee hill goes on for ever. We regrouped at the top when the tandem appeared and then set off towards the glorious Slammanan, via the Heights road which would lead to Blackridge if you were that brave!
Angus was only out for a short run, so he headed home at the kennel junction. The next climb of the day to Slammanan split the group again but we had a good work outl. We regrouped at Slammanan and we were accosted my a masked terrorist! that turned out to be just a local laddie, wearing a full balaclava, a scarey place if you ask me!
The route was now out towards Longriggend into the full-on west wind. Myself, Stevie, Andy,Mike, Dick and Ross got the pace up and held it quite well until the Limerigg turn where we waited for the gang soon to arrive.
Malcolm headed home due to time constraints. The fixed wheels were useless on the fast wind assisted descents and very soon Stevie and I were swamped by the gang as they benefited from their gears. The 30 sprint at Limerigg was won by Mike again and the route back to Avonbridge was torture at cadence over130 on a fixed wheel.
A big welcome to Andy who braved the route on his TT bike, he was still smiling as we bid our farewells.
Rgds, Bill"

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