Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Cap in hand

We have 20 caps on order but still need 5 more to make the minimum of 25. I'm proposing the design will be based on the classic Peugeot cap, keeping the chequer down the centre but changing the white to WLC yellow and peak to black, with the clarion badge on the sides and "West Lothian Clarion" on the peak, with possibly "fellowship is life", small, on the back.
The caps are dead cheap only £6.50 each (plus VAT) and come in one size that would add to the sartorial elegance of any cyclist, so c'mon lets be 'aving you!
Please go to this link on the forum and place your order. Deadline this Friday 27th


SparkyP said...

Matt the caps are £3.75 if you order 100+.For 25+ they are £6.50 each as per page 14 of the Endura Catalogue.


grantus said...

Well spotted sparky.

I didn't realise but i'll still take 2.


Matthew Ball said...

Thanks Mark, well spotted, changed on the blog now