Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday run Report: 29th March

Andy sent in his ride report for the Sunday run:
Well I must be a member now... Ive just been up through Slamannan. Only 3 out this morning . Myself Simon and new guy Neil from Boness. Neil found out about WLC when he met Matt and a couple of others at the Dalmeny audax.
The route will be of no surprise to most of you. From the Cross in Linlithgow out to Linlithgow Bridge up through Bridgend to Maddistone, up California road to California over to Sh'hill (a bit of local dialect there). From Sh'hill past the Three Kings and on up to Slamanan. There was then a loop up into more hills that brought us back into Slamannan . From the epicentre of the area we then took the Avonbridge road down through Stanburn and on to Linlithgow. I slipped away at the roundabout just south of Maddistone whilst the others sped off to Linlithgow and home.
Despite being off the back most of the ride I really enjoyed today. The guys waited for me at the top of the hills and did not dissapear too far in front the rest of the time making me push just that little bit more than was comfortable which can only make me faster (hopefully). One day I will repay the patience that has been shown to me by beating you all on a ride, one day, well maybe. Thanks again for the ride today guys and to Simon for the route..
It was something like 35 miles all in for me with an average speed of 15 ish mph.

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